In-depth analysis of the aircraft’s maintenance history Assistance selecting proper scope of work for technical evaluation Recognizing discrepancies that may indicate a concern Supporting aircraft valuation during pre-purchase inspection Managing the whole process Our expertise extends well beyond mere brokering.

Flightline Aviation also provides high-level consulting services, technical oversight, and the ability to source quality aircraft around the globe. So no matter what aircraft you are looking for, we can assist in identifying options and protecting your interests throughout the process. Our experienced team works as your agent in helping determine your needs, locating available aircraft, and evaluating the condition and value prior to purchase.

The "Rule of 70%"

Before acquiring a new aircraft is a good idea to tailor your thoughts to what is more important to you and how you will use the aircraft. A good starting point is, “How will I use the aircraft on 70% of my trips?”

– How many passengers do I need to carry?

– How far do I need to fly?

– How fast do I need to fly?

– What type of airports would i fly into?

We ensure that you acquire just what you need, and receive maximum value for your investment. Enquire today. Acquire tomorrow.